Welcome to TLFA

Tuggerah Lakes Field Archers (TLFA) is a family-friendly club that has been established for over 35 years. Tuggerah Lakes Field Archers:

  • promotes archery in a social and family environment
  • establishes programmes which emphasise high standards of sportsmanship, friendship, cooperation and ethics
  • coaches members in competition archery and skill with the bow and arrow
  • encourages the development of the young and broadens their experience through participation in the sport.

Archery is one of the oldest arts still practised. The earliest people known to have used bows and arrows were the ancient Egyptians who adopted archery at least 5000 years ago. It is a fun and exciting sport that is suitable for anybody from 5 years old and for most fitness levels.

Pom’s camp, Brothers Road (off Little Jilliby Road) Jilliby.

Poms Camp Map

Pom’s Camp Map – Google Maps

TLFA meets two weekends a month for coaching.   Coaching is available from 9.00 am-10.00 am.  Please see the calendar for further details. Before coming to the club for the first time please contact us to ensure that a coach is available to assist you. 

NOTE: TLFA has a 20-target unmarked safari range and a 12-target field range. A practice range is also available with a maximum distance of 60m.